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Roban’s Produzione has always been attentive, in both its intentions and activities, to social responsibility issues and aims at making profits through responsible and socially correct modalities. 

Roban’s Produzione supplies to high end fashion brands high value garments, all designed and created following ethical standards, within a respectful framework in terms of human and social values, promoting an ongoing improvement of working conditions.

Roban’s Produzione considers its employees and collaborators to be strategic resources; to this end, it is committed to current national legislation affecting work practice, any other apllicable laws and regulations, other than the main international agreements mentioned within the SA8000 Standard in terms of:

 child work

 forced work

 health and safety of workers


 working time 


 freedom of assembly and right of collective bargaining

 collaboration, support and control of suppliers.

To serve this purpose, Roban’s Produzione has a management and monitoring system aimed at triggering a process of ongoing growth in terms of ethical culture within the Company.

Consequently, the Company:

 has defined and shared with its staff the corporate policies and procedures to comply with SA8000 Standard. Such information is shared with customers, suppliers, sub-contractors and sub-suppliers;

 uses ongoing self-monitoring activities in order to check the right and systematic application of policies and procedures;

 on the basis of a risk analysis, it defines the actions to be undertaken in order to ensure compliance with the Standard and prompt a constant improvement;

 it conducts, on aregular basis and in view of an ongoing improvement, a management review in terms of: social responsibility, other policies and procedures aimed at complying with the Standard, performance results;  

 ensures, to all stakeholders, a systematic and adequate communication activity about the results of its own Social Responsibility Management System.

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