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Implemented policies and procedures


Roban’s Produzione undertakes not to utilize child labor (under 16) and, in the case of an inclusion of young workers (under 18), it is committed to respect all safeguards provided by the current regulations and by the SA8000 requirements in terms of protecting young workers’ psychophysical development.


The Directorate-General is directly involved in the human resources selection procedures, and, through the Administration Office, it collects and checks the documentation reporting the applicants’ age. The sole possibilities for young workers to be included in the Company are those of internships or “alternanza scuola-lavoro” (“work-related learning”). Such cases are usually managed in the framework of school/university projects or altogether with local job centers, and they are therefore guided by shared educational/training projects aiming at enhancing the teenager’s growth path, ensuring all the safeguards provided for.


Roban’s Produzione srl combats child labor utilization through a careful selection of its own suppliers and a cooperation with them in order to avoid any possible child labor situation. During the selection procedures regarding the most critical suppliers (e.g. external workshops), Roban’s makes use of a work team composed of one of the Company’s owners, the Company’s safety Manger and a labor consultant, in order to ascertain the absence of eventual child labor situations, and inspect eventual situations of teen work. The Company is committed to spread its own policy through awareness-raising venues at the most critical suppliers’ (e.g. external workshops).


Should Roban’s, throughout supplier selection and/or control processes, notice any kind of child labor utilization, the Company itself will take action in order to support the supplier defining proper remedial actions, such as, for example:

·        Hiring a parent or relative to replace the child/young worker

·        Organizing the young worker’s schedule in order not to interfere with school classes

·        Provide financial aid to working children/teenagers in order to let them attend school classes until the minimum legal age for work

·        Planning working activities in such way that the total amount of working hours and school hours (including time to go back and forth from work and school) does not exceed 10 hours per day

·        Being sure that all possible precautions have been taken in order to preserve the safeguard of children’s (and young workers’) health and safety.



Roban’s Produzione srl is committed to spread information about its own policy, to workers as well as to other stakeholders. 






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